Perfect for small business owners and corporate teams

Our online coaching programs are designed for small business owners and corporate teams who want to get results, but can’t afford the budget or time investment of our 1-on-1 coaching program.

Working with an efficiency coach via an interactive web session, you will learn critical efficiency concepts and implement new methods on your own computer. Thanks to interactive web technology, it is as if your coach is sitting right next to you, demonstrating concepts and manipulating your settings.

Coaching sessions include concept presentation, live demonstrations and one-on-one assistance implementing the new techniques and customizing your computer setup. Because you are working in your own space, using your own data, you will experience the same immediate results as our 1-on-1 coaching clients.

For maximum return on investment, we recommend 4 people who work together participate. That way the efficiency concepts become the new standard within the team culture and your efficiency coach can address internal process questions specific to your company.

Time savings: 60 minutes a day = 6 weeks/year

Cost per person: $200

Time investment: Three 1-hour online sessions over 4-6 weeks