Your Desk

Is Your Desk in Disarray?

Ensure your desk is a help not a hindrance:

1. The desk surface on your dominant-hand side should be clear
2. Move all items (including the phone) to the other side or behind you
3. Have a desk lamp on the dominant side to encourage focus
4. Consolidate work: have only 1 in-tray or folder

Disorder Creates Distress

If there were 2 routes to drive, one strewn with rocks, debris and roadblocks and the other clean and clear, which would you take? It’s obvious which road would be faster and easier. Just as obvious as which kind of workspace yields an easier workday. You shouldn’t need 4-wheel drive and monster truck tires just to find something on your desk.

Chaos consumes valuable time. Each time you look up and spot another project or to-do, it costs you valuable seconds. When your concentration is interrupted, it takes a minimum of 7 seconds for your mind to return to where it was.

If your mind is distracted only once every ten minutes, you lose 6 minutes a day or 24 hours a year to the piles on your desk! Add to that, the time to paw through items to find things and the time you lose is about 1 full week.

Is your workday like driving a Porsche down smooth asphalt or trying to off-road in an old K-car?

Let your desk reflect your talents, your professionalism, and your brilliance.

De-clutter Your Desk…
Accomplish more in less time

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