Your 2010 Time “Report” Card

Score Yourself

Were you efficient in 2010?

How many of the following statements can you agree with?

1. My Outlook opens in Calendar.
2. My desk is clear on my dominant-hand side.
3. I press only one button on my phone to call someone.

3/3 – Excellent! continue to implement future tips for ongoing results.
2/3 – Good, work on applying/implementing that other tip.
1/3 – Average. You’re on the right track. Get help with the other 2.
0/3 – You’re obviously interested, as you’ve read this far. Call us (no charge).

Efficiency Assessment

It’s that time of year to look back and see what worked and what didn’t. How were your efficiency habits?
Here’s a few things to do (or keep doing):

• Keep receiving the Turner Tip and learn about more time-savers.
• Decide what you’ll do with the time you save. Post a passion picture.
• Call us for straightforward solutions to improve your efficiency, lower your stress and get what you want.

Improve your Efficiency
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