Work Off-Hours Anonymously

Manage the impression of your availability

Create an identical email signature on your Blackberry as in your Outlook. This allows you to telecommute without giving the impression that you’re available anytime and anyplace.

1. Click on Options (the wrench icon)>Auto Text>Menu>New
2. Input your initials
3. When prompted to “replace with”, type your signature as it appears on your email from Outlook
4. Double-check that it works by composing an email. In the body, type your initials and press the return key (bent arrow in bottom right of BB)
5. Does it look the same as your Outlook signature?
6. If not, correct it.

NOTE: “Sent from my BlackBerry” is controlled by your company’s IT department.

Do Not Fear Being Unavailable

With rapidly advancing technology, it’s become feasible to make our work mobile. We can work from home, from an offsite meeting, from the car or the coffee shop. But this can trap us into feeling the need to be plugged in at all times.

Unless you’re on the emergency response team, you don’t need to be “on” 24/7. When you’re always available, you set up an expectation that’s hard to live up to and hard to change.

Though you may work off-hours and off-site, it’s a good idea to restrict your availability. Set time parameters around when you are “in the office.” Appear “in the office” by matching your signatures between BB and Outlook.

Sending business emails and answering business calls within business hours sends a clear message that you’re available within specific hours (i.e., 8am-5pm).

Manage others’ expectations of you so you can work off-hours or odd hours anonymously.

Clearly define your availability
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