What’s Best – Conversation or Chronological View of Email?

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Conversation or Chronological View? That Is the Question.


The default view of most inboxes is chronological order. However, conversation view is helpful (e.g., post-holiday) as emails are grouped by topic.


A downside of conversation view is accidental deletion of messages because you may see just one email with many others on the same topic hidden.


Before you decide to stick with chronological view, check out whether conversation view will work for you.


Depending on what you’re doing (e.g., just back from vacation, regular day-to-day management), perhaps you should switch back and forth between conversation and chronological view.


For how to change your view, click here.

 Client Feedback

“I’m really getting back my hour a day. I’m no longer just jumping on email because it’s there. I’m getting my work done and doing the emails accordingly.”

– Inside Sales, Rogers Communications



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