Expedite Email

Email inefficiency wastes 1 hour a day

Turner Efficiency Coaching - Expedite EmailThis shouldn’t be surprising when you consider the sheer volume of email, the constant alerts and interruptions, and the temptation to monitor your inbox for incoming messages. Inefficient email management techniques account for most people’s greatest source of lost time.

Expedite Email is much MORE than email management

In Expedite Email, you will learn how to unlock the powerful features known only to expert users and discover little-known tricks to manage your email and avoid overload with the least amount of time and effort:

  • Email Management – Learn how to decisively handle incoming email to keep projects moving forward while ensuring that you have a solid system for follow-up. Instead of skimming and coming back to emails, decide what to do immediately and follow through so your ever-growing inbox doesn’t backlog.
  • Email Set-up – Maximize your time from the moment you open your email until you shut down your computer. Reset the defaults for speedy start-up and clutter-free vision so you no longer gasp when you look at the clock and realize, two hours into the workday, that you’ve done nothing but handle email.
  • Task Management – Apply proven work organization principles to stay on task and effectively delegate AND follow up with others. Learn how to receive automated updates, so meetings can move projects forward, and focus on solutions without the need for status updates.
  • Calendar Control – Create a calendar that’s responsive to shifting priorities while ensuring sufficient time to fulfill your project obligations among the many meetings you attend.
  • Manage Time – Implement simple techniques to structure a flexible calendar that addresses your need to block off work time around meetings and conference calls.
  • Time-saving Shortcuts – Like the other straightforward keyboard controls we will show you, the click-and-drag function will put you ahead of the workload so you can direct its flow rather than being crushed by sheer volume.