Too Much Work?


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Too Much Work?


For maximum efficiency, use the To-Do Bar?


The To-Do Bar shows all the tasks and flags that you’ve set. If you haven’t seen it, click View>To-Do Bar.


As business is date-driven (we don’t think today, tomorrow, or next week),view your To-Do Bar by date.


The commands are similar for all versions of Outlook:

  1. Right-click on Arrange By>View Settings>Columns>remove all but Due Date and Task Subject>click OK.
  2. Click Group By>remove the check mark>choose Due Date>click OK.

You’ve done it correctly if you see Due Date three times in a row.


Now your To-Do Bar is cleaner and sorted by date, which is how we frame work deadlines.

Client Feedback“There was lots of momentum, people were intrigued, and the timing was good. And the boss said ‘I’m already seeing improvements in meetings and I’m using the smartphone tricks, increasing my efficiency – it really works.'”- Property Manager, Oxford Properties



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