Weathering the ‘Perfect Storm’

The economic downturn drastically changed the playing field for supplier account teams. Shopper behavior has changed, retailers have become more price-focused and you are being asked to do more with less. Less money, more responsibility. The Perfect Storm.

You need to work harder to win with your customer and communicate more in order to understand rapidly changing needs.

Don’t be a Storm Chaser…

Managing multiple accounts / buyers and staying on top of client communication is critical, but don’t be a storm chaser wasting invaluable time tracking down your customers. There are three simple ways to accomplish this is less time:

#1: Tailor communication to client preference – Ask at your next meeting, “What is the best way to reach you?” and list off a few choices that suit your communication style: email, telephone, or text.

#2: Determine when the client is most available – Ask what time of day is the most convenient to reach your customer. Again, give a few options: early morning, late morning, afternoon, end of day or evening.

#3: Find out what their expectations are – Take turnaround time for responding to requests, for example. Ask what they expect for turnaround from you. Give choices that match what you can realistically deliver – 30 minutes, 1 hour, half business day, end of business day, 24 hours, 48 hours, etc.

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