Want to Eliminate Extra Keystrokes?

Want to Save Yourself Time?

Eliminate extra keystrokes by setting up shortcuts.

Instead of multi-clicking to reach your files, Facebook or favourites, simply click a shortcut.

NOTE: If you can’t create desktop icons, put a hyperlink in a task or on your calendar (recurring weekly).

To set up a shortcut for:

  • PC program: in the control panel (bottom L), right-click on the program name>drag it to the desktop>create shortcut
  • Mac: launch Safari>go to the desired webpage>select the address bar>click and drag the address to the desktop
  • Samsung Galaxy: home screen>Customize icon>More>click your webpage bookmark (or another desired shortcut)
  • BlackBerry: home screen>Menu>Add to Home Screen>Desired application>Add as shortcut>Menu>Add to Home Screen or Mark As Favorite
  • Android: hold Home Screen>Shortcuts>Webpage, Bookmarks, etc.>follow prompts
  • iPhone: launch Safari>go to the desired webpage>Share>Add to Home Screen>Name>Add
  • Tablet: save webpage as a bookmark>Open Bookmarks>Hold finger on desired bookmark>Add
  • iPad: launch Safari>go to the desired webpage>Go>tap shortcut icon (top R)>Add to Home Screen>Name>Add
  • PC file: select the desired file>right-click>hold and drag to the desktop>create shortcut
  • PC webpage: download Google Chrome web browser>Open Google Chrome>Facebook>Wrench (top R)>Tools>Create Application Shortcut>choose desktop, start or both>Create

Client Feedback

“Huge thanks for your support.”     – General Manager, Acklands-Grainger


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