Want to Cut Costs?

Watch this tip or read on.Want to Cut Costs? Cut the Cord


Not sure if this is for you? Think of how many times you have…

  • stood beside your land line phone while talking on your cell
  • listened to the same voice mail on multiple lines
  • wished you had answered a call instead of listening to a message at the end of the day

This might explain why 1/5th of U.S. households don’t have land lines.

Convinced to cut the cord? Before you begin:

1. Ask about rates for land line versus cell, especially for long distance.

2. Start by forwarding instead of disconnecting. It’ll give you a chance to try it out, and you might even save a bit.

3. Consider making your cell number the land line number. You’ve probably had it for years. You’ll have to notify fewer people and won’t have to worry that you’ve forgotten a company that infrequently calls. And, most importantly, if it’s your business line, you won’t have any interruptions or cause confusion.

4. Consider the downsides of disconnecting the land line:

  • There isn’t an extension in every room.
  • Cellphones aren’t always handy or easily heard.
  • You probably don’t want to wear a holster at home.

5. Remember to inform legal, insurance, banking, medical, utility, security, satellite, school, daycare, sports organization and kids’ program providers. And be sure to update emergency contacts.

6. Return service providers’ hardware to save money.


Client Feedback


“Karen, the staff is most excited about how you can save us time with our emails (especially helping organize the multitudes of messages).”


– Owner, Heating & Ventilating Company




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Karen, Founder