Want To Conserve Confidentiality?

Want To Conserve Confidentiality?

Put email addresses in the BCC field. To remind you to use BCC, set the default to make it show automatically:

1. Open a new email
2. Click Options > BCC

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Have you ever unwittingly revealed the identity of someone who, for safety reasons, wished to remain anonymous? Not sure? Why take the chance?

Unless members of a team or committee have agreed to share their information, email them in the BCC field instead of the TO or CC fields to avoid violating the FOIP (Freedom Of Information Privacy Protection) Act.

BCC will also save everyone from the “Reply All” junky, as the responses will go only to the sender and the rest of us will enjoy emptier inboxes.

Use BCC to keep people in the loop anonymously, while ensuring that their right to privacy is upheld.

Allow Anonymity
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