Want A Week?

Want A Week?

Save it, by using word substitution on your smartphone. Here’s how:

iPhone: Settings>General>Keyboard>Add Shortcut>Input Info.>Save

BlackBerry: Options (wrench icon)>Typing>Word Substitution>BB Key>New>Input Info.

BlackBerry (pre-OS6): Options (wrench icon)>AutoText>BB Key>New>Input Info.

Write With Word Substitution

Write full names, whole paragraphs, or entire emails with a few keystrokes. Avoid repetitive keying and, as an added bonus, ensure correct spelling and grammar.

Create your own shortcuts, using an acronym or an abbreviation of the phrase. Ie:

thx = thank you for your time

iam = in a meeting

In some cases, this can be tricky, so call us for help. We’ll walk you through at no charge.

Also, Android smartphones vary by operating system, so call for specific information about your device.

Word Substitution – Worth A Week
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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