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Train by Transfer

If you have been doing all the work yourself for the past 20 years, you may find it hard to give duties away.

Delegating work is often in your (and the firm’s) best interest because it facilitates knowledge transfer that builds team competencies and serves as natural succession planning.

  1. Start by posting your passion so you know why you’re transferring work.
  2. List tasks (or even parts of tasks) that others could do. By adding to your running list, you’ll get more comfortable with the idea of transferring duties.
  3. When someone asks “Do you need a hand?” reach for your list instead of answering “No, not really” (even though it’s draining to get organized so someone can help).

Transfer Tasks – Do it NOW!
Save Time – Live Your Passion!


Client Feedback

“You have been such a help already in just a short time. I feel like I am getting my work life back in balance – even with the overwhelming amount of ‘to dos’ and an inbox that makes my head spin.”

– Director of Engineering, Fairmont

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