Time Savers Every Two Weeks

What Should I do with the Turner Tip?

Each Tip is either a:

1. Technical Tip = specific action to implement immediately in 10 min or less.
2. Theoretical Tip = behavioural change over time. So you see & master it, create a new task (with no due date).

This week’s tip is: Only Handle It Once (create a new task right now).

No dates = tasks how to create

Confusion: To me this Tip isn’t about OHIO. There isn’t a specific tip, just explanation and encouragement. If the Tip was OHIO wouldn’t we be explaining/referencing the 4 T’s?

Simple Actions, Big Results

The Turner Tip gives the nutshell version of solutions to the most common time- wasters. These specific actions are easily implemented. Most technical changes can be made in less than 10 minutes. Behavioural changes can take a little longer.

Let’s face it, if you’re the type to “keep it just in case” and “deal with it another day,” and you’ve worked in the same office for 2+ years, you’re bound to have created a volcano of clutter. Inevitably the volcano erupts forcing you to dig through the rubble of unsorted papers, yet-to-do tasks, half-opened mail, and unpaid invoices.

Implement the Turner Tips, prevent the rebuilding of the office volcano, and instead develop a smooth-running system.

For people who absorb change quickly or whose habits are not so deeply entrenched, results can be rapid. For the rest of us, expect big benefits over time.

Of course, it will take more than 10 minutes to clean up your inbox, purge piles of “stuff” and begin to change your mindset. Start with the easiest tips. Even if you are sure your methods are just fine, give the new methods a try.

The flow was lost in the conclusion. You tied together 2 sentences “even if you are sure your methods are just fine, choose the easiest ones first.” The second part of the sentence doesn’t “answer” the first part of the sentence.

Implement the Turner tips to…
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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