The Team

Karen Turner, Efficiency Coach

Our company founder has studied organizations and identified common faults with key internal systems. Surprised by how these environments were set up for failure, Karen developed efficiency processes to effectively manage paper flow, team interactions, task management and technology use.

Karen helps managers, executives, entrepreneurs and their employees apply Turner’s proven efficiency principles. Her unique hands-on approach has earned her a reputation for bottom-line results. Turner clients gain an average of an hour a day, or 6 weeks a year.

Contact Karen at 403-241-1100


John Martin

Growing up with horses, John developed an appreciation for patience and communication in the learning process and he effortlessly adapts his coaching style when helping clients master their technology.  From the neophyte who likes lots of support to the expert who appreciates business insights while applying the efficiency tips, John receives great reviews for his approach.

As well, his Apple experience enables John to coach a wide range of email and smartphone technology.

Finally, his English and business degrees, equip John with the ability to understand social media and how to manage it effectiviely in a corporate enviornment.

Contact John at 403-241-1100