The Paperless Office – Possible or Preposterous

The Paperless Office – Possible or Preposterous?

Someday we may live in a paperless society, but, until then, paper control is vital.

  1. Take a photo of the page, discard the paper.
  2. Get a pile of file folders.
  3. Grab a page (yes, even just one); if it’s to be kept and there’s no file, make one.
  4. Hand-write the file label (a Sharpie is easy to read).
  5. Order the files alphabetically.

Paper Preventing Your Promotion?

Why file?

<!–[if !supportLists]–>1.      <!–[endif]–>Less stress. You’re not overwhelmed by chaos and can more easily find things.

<!–[if !supportLists]–>2.      <!–[endif]–>Improved image. Obvious organization instills confidence in clients, subordinates, and yourself.

<!–[if !supportLists]–>3.      <!–[endif]–>Potential promotion. A Wall Street Journal article stated: “Fifty-two executives said they were more likely to promote someone with a clean working surface.”

File folders may seem low-tech, but that doesn’t make them outdated. They are simple and they work.

File Your Paper. Do it NOW!
Save Time – Live Your Passion!