Texting Tips to Save Time

Text To Save Time

New to Texting?

Here’s how (for BlackBerry users):
1. open the email application
2. choose Compose SMS*
3. choose the recipient from your contact list

*SMS – a text message from BlackBerry to any cell. MMS – a text message from BlackBerry to BlackBerry.

Efficient Texting

The nature of a text message is quick and brief. This texter nets a 57% time-saving by changing 28 characters to 12: I will see you at 5pm today. to: c u @ 5 2day .

Abbreviated words and symbols are the essence of texting. This is about the only place in professional communication where we can intentionally spell things wrong!

But sometimes, especially with people new to text messaging, abbreviations in text messages are confusing.

Avoid a lot of initials (eg., TTYL= talk to you later) or replacing letters with numbers (eg., talk 2 you b4 2day) especially in messages containing other numeric information.

Most importantly, quick doesn’t mean efficient! Ensure the meaning of the message is clear and not lost in favour of brevity.

Text Clearly
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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