Team Training

Training can be Trying

When working with others, maintain patience and remember:

1. What is obvious to you, may be new to the trainee
2. Convey info in new ways, so it’s interesting for yourself
3. Have someone else do training so they learn new skills
4. Accept that this is part of your job

Trials of Training

For many managers, some aspects of the job are repetitive. Continuously training new staff can be one of them.

You may feel like you’re reiterating the same information over and over, but remember, your trainees don’t know what you know. That’s why you’re teaching them.

Before you burn out, deal with this issue by using the tips above.

If you delegate the training to a colleague, be sure that person is interested in cultivating these skills. If your only option is to hire an outside trainer, find someone you trust (you may want to ask around).

Conduct Good Training
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