Task It

Task It – Get it done!

1. In Outlook> drag an email into the Task folder.
2. Estimate the time the task will take and write the time estimate at start of subject line.
3. Write a task description in the subject line after the time estimate
4. Use the “due date” field to assign a “do” date – When you will “DO” it!

Prioritize to Stay Organized

Leave work with a clear Inbox and a clear mind. Instead of keeping to-do’s in your Inbox, move them to Tasks.

If you’re worried you will forget your work in Tasks, reveal the Task Pad on your calendar. (In Calendar click View then Task Pad).

Use Tasks to help you form habits such as “Drink Water” or “Only Handle It Once”. Mark the due date for these as: “none” so they remain at the top of your list until you achieve your goal.

Also use Tasks for recurring to-do’s, i.e.: monthly expenses, preparing for performance reviews, following-up with key clients.

Throughout your day, tackle tasks in between meetings to keep the list manageable.

Task It!
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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