Tap into Teenage Talent

Tap into Teenage Talent

This summer, delegate small tasks and build your business. Hire a student to:

1. Clean-up Contacts – remove duplicates, input business cards, create mailing lists
2. Make Marketing Materials – print and put together info packages
3. Improve Customer Care –compose, send emails on your behalf
4. Reduce Paper – set up e-bill payments

Technological Teens

Teenagers these days are technologically-savvy and happy to show those of us who were born before DVD players their know-how.

Tasks such as the ones listed above do not require a lot of brainwork. All they call for is attention to detail and a willingness to get the work done. Besides, it’s a great way to gain work experience, something most students need.

Delegate these backburner tasks and save yourself time. When they’re done, have them read and implement previous Turner Tips especially for Outlook and BlackBerry.

Utilize Talented Teenagers
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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