Do You Forget Your Texts? (What If They Contain Work?)

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Do You Forget Your Texts? (What If They Contain Work?)


The next time you get a text with a “to do,” remember to deal with it.

  1. Mark your calendar.
  2. Forward it to your inbox.
  3. Write a note.
  4. Add a reminder.
  5. Set an alarm.

Otherwise, you’re liable to forget.  And as more texts arrive, the one with important info moves out of sight and out of mind.


Likewise, remember to return a call by using the 5 tips above.


And remember: If you’re communicating for business, texts and calls are more easily forgotten than emails. In fact, 75% of people prefer email for business communication.






Client Feedback


“Thank you for helping me to stay organized. Things get done more efficiently, and I LOOOOVE right-click and drag to move items quickly.”


– Housekeeping Manager, Fairmont




5 Tips for a Happier Workday




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Time Saving Texting Tips

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Save Time Texting

Save hours when texting long messages.

  1. Type your message on your computer.


  1. Email it to yourself on your smartphone.


  1. Copy and paste it into a text and send.

If this seems too complicated, at least use 2 thumbs instead of holding your smartphone with 1 hand and keying with only 1 thumb.

Text with 10 Digits

Texting is often the preferred communication method.

Save precious minutes and have the added bonus of a copy of your text on your computer as a backup with this copy-and-paste method.

10-Digit Texting. Do it NOW!

Save Time – Live Your Passion!


Did You Know?

“U.S. smartphone owners aged 18 to 24 send 67 texts daily. That’s nearly double users aged 25 to 34 and 10 times more than Americans aged 55+.”

Client Feedback:

“I knew you’d have some ideas to help me connect my computer when I’m in a remote area. Thanks.”

-Speech-language specialist