Want to Eliminate Extra Keystrokes?

Want to Save Yourself Time?

Eliminate extra keystrokes by setting up shortcuts.

Instead of multi-clicking to reach your files, Facebook or favourites, simply click a shortcut.

NOTE: If you can’t create desktop icons, put a hyperlink in a task or on your calendar (recurring weekly).

To set up a shortcut for:

  • PC program: in the control panel (bottom L), right-click on the program name>drag it to the desktop>create shortcut
  • Mac: launch Safari>go to the desired webpage>select the address bar>click and drag the address to the desktop
  • Samsung Galaxy: home screen>Customize icon>More>click your webpage bookmark (or another desired shortcut)
  • BlackBerry: home screen>Menu>Add to Home Screen>Desired application>Add as shortcut>Menu>Add to Home Screen or Mark As Favorite
  • Android: hold Home Screen>Shortcuts>Webpage, Bookmarks, etc.>follow prompts
  • iPhone: launch Safari>go to the desired webpage>Share>Add to Home Screen>Name>Add
  • Tablet: save webpage as a bookmark>Open Bookmarks>Hold finger on desired bookmark>Add
  • iPad: launch Safari>go to the desired webpage>Go>tap shortcut icon (top R)>Add to Home Screen>Name>Add
  • PC file: select the desired file>right-click>hold and drag to the desktop>create shortcut
  • PC webpage: download Google Chrome web browser>Open Google Chrome>Facebook>Wrench (top R)>Tools>Create Application Shortcut>choose desktop, start or both>Create

Client Feedback

“Huge thanks for your support.”     – General Manager, Acklands-Grainger


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Forgotten Your Shortcut Keys?


Forgotten Your Shortcut Keys?

Or maybe you never knew them. Reducing keystrokes with shortcut keys will save seconds that add up to minutes.


Computer Control

Ctrl Esc = shows the start menu

Ctrl Alt Delete = interrupts process

Ctrl Shift = French keyboard

F5 = refreshes the screen



Ctrl B = bold

Ctrl I = italic

Ctrl U = underline



Ctrl C = copy

Ctrl X = cut

Ctrl V = paste

Ctrl P = print


Of course, there are more. Got a favourite? Please share.


Use Computer Shortcut Keys. Do it NOW!

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