Do You Use These Excel Formatting Tips?










How Well Do You Know Excel?

Use these essential formatting tips to make your spreadsheets easier to understand and to simplify data entry.

  1. Templates are often helpful for getting you started by triggering ideas of what to include in your spreadsheet.
  2. AutoFill automatically fills a series of cells with consecutive digits or words. Simply enter the first two items in the first two cells (e.g., 1 and 2 and January and February). Then select the two cells. Click the bottom right-hand corner of the cell and drag it down or across (depending on the way you want to fill).
  3. AutoFit ensures that there is no wasted room between cells as it adjusts the width to the ideal size when you place your cursor on the line between the columns or rows and double-click.
  4. Format Cells rotates the words so the columns or rows are narrower, allowing everything to print on one page. To do this: highlight the cell>right-click> Format Cells>Alignment>drag the red arrow to the top in Orientation
  5. Freeze Panes enables you to see the headers wherever you are in the spreadsheet. Highlight the top row or left column>View> Freeze Panes

Comments helps clarify the data. Select the cell for the comment>Review>New Comment>Show/Hide Comment to reveal or not

Client Feedback

“Thanks [for the coaching]. It was a 5/5. I feel a lot more organized, and I’m most excited to see the calendar when Outlook begins – not my inbox.”  – Guest Relations Manager, Fairmont


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