Need an Assistant?








Need an Assistant?

Want an assistant so you can get more done faster? You’ve already got one named, Google, Cortana, Siri, S Voice… Requesting help just takes practice, and it’s a lot faster than keying text in.

For instance, ask your assistant:

  • When I’m home, remind me to call Mom.
  • Call my daughter at work.
  • Text my husband “I’ll be late.”

These commands reference information such as home, Mom, daughter and husband. Your assistant will only ask for clarification the first time.

When you’re weighted down while walking or have sticky hands, you can ask your assistant:

  • Make an appointment for…
  • Set my alarm for…
  • What’s the tip for a bill of $56?
  • What’s the five-day forecast?
  • Where’s the nearest restaurant?

The next time you’re keyboarding, switch to audio command. It will eventually become routine.

Client Feedback

“You totally fixed my life by tasking emails, and that’s making my inbox way cleaner. And I’m getting used to deleting.”

– Human Resources, Fairmont


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