Engage Your Reader

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Engage Your Reader


To make sure your emails are being read, be concise.


Thanks to social-media character limits and texting shortcuts, we’ve become accustomed to shorter messages.


Keeping the reader’s attention is challenging, so for emails, use:

  • 1 subject per email
  • 1-3 sentences, at most, per paragraph
  • bulleted points instead of full sentences
  • colour, bold, or altered type size to draw attention to what’s important

When responding to a reader’s reply, start with a genuine compliment (e.g., “Thanks for your speedy response”). It sets a positive tone and increases the odds that your questions will be answered.









Client Feedback

“Karen showed me how to save time and prioritize my email. She got straight to the point and provided excellent feedback in an area that was causing me stress.”

– Owner, Ag Grow Consulting


Writing and Responding to Professional Emails



Can’t Get an Answer?

Watch this tip or read on.Can’t Get an Answer?

Cue your colleagues so they can more easily read your email and respond faster. Here’s how:


1. Use 1-3 sentences per paragraph. Reading dense email on a smartphone is difficult, especially with shorter attention spans.

2. Highlight your request. Caution: This may be acceptable with colleagues, depending on your corporate culture, but exercise caution when communicating with customers.

3. Bullets are helpful when listing items and choices.

4. Bold emphasizes information.

5. Colour catches the eye.

6. A different font size makes information stand out.



Client Feedback 

“You are very helpful. Thanks again [for helping me use tasks and work more efficiently].”  – Owner, Wise Mortgage Inc.


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