Success Strategy

Success Strategy

When planning an event or performing a task with multiple steps, cut your planning time by using a template to track progress.

1. Start with a description of the goal and ways to measure its success.
2. Create a table. Include columns for: Task/ Time/ Who/ Due/ Done.
3. Input the data.
4. Execute the plan.
5. After completion, note what went well and what could change.

Framework For Getting it Done

Routine office procedures, presentations, promotional events, tasks involving many people; all of these require planning, details, and deadlines. Utilizing a template clarifies roles, restrictions, and expectations.

Quickly put plans into action by referring to your task template. Easily update and revise content, thereby avoiding missed steps. By reviewing old notes, you can also steer clear of prior stumbling blocks.

Eliminate the repeatable work of thinking through the process. Instead, spend your time carrying out the plan.

Strategize for Success
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