Streamline Your Space for Success

Simple Solutions to Increase Your Effectiveness

Your work set-up affects your success. Here are some simple suggestions to streamline your space:

1. Quick Decontamination: shake keyboard upside down to reduce bacteria build-up. Wipe down phone.
2. Computer Screen: Adjust height so eyes fall on top 1/3 of screen (not for people with progressive lenses). A phone book works to prop up the screen. If overhead cupboards prevent this, empty and discontinue use of the cupboard.
3. Tidy & Untangle Cords: if keyboard and mouse cords are too short, adjust or raise computer tower. Now cords reach comfortably.
4. Clear Space: Move to-do task pile to non-dominant hand side or behind to avoid distraction.

Restructure Your Work Sanctuary

You like your job, so why not like your office too? If your workspace is chaotic, physically uncomfortable, and unhygienic, focus becomes foggy and desire to work declines.

Often what clogs up office space are unnecessary items. Old newspapers, food, coffee cups, and spare shoes are cited as the most likely items to cause workspace clutter.

So, if you notice your productivity decreasing and your agitation increasing, take a deep breath, discard unnecessary items from your office and follow the steps above.

Streamline Your Space
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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