Stop Skype Stealth

Although Leah’s computer automatically logged her into various online messaging applications, like Skype and MSN Messenger, she was diligent about focusing on her work and ignoring the temptation to chat. Little did she know, distractions were her least cause for concern.

The real danger of revealing her online presence is in the potential to expose too much information about her patterns of behaviour. When we shared this concept with Leah, she recalled to us an evening when she was watching a movie on her laptop and a client phoned her, because her online presence implied that she was available to talk. As a contractor, she often worked odd hours, but was surprised that clients would call her in the evening.

After reflecting on this, Leah decided to adjust her computer’s settings to prevent programs from opening and logging online when it starts up. Now her contacts know that her online presence means she’s available and ready to chat, but they don’t need to know every time she sits down to work at her computer.

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