Stop Skype Stealth

Stop Skype Stealth

By default, your Skype account will automatically login each time your computer starts. To disable this feature:

On a PC: open Skype>Tools>Options>General Settings>uncheck “Start Skype when Windows starts”
On a Mac: right-click on the Skype icon in the menu/dock>Options>Open at login>uncheck

Decide On Skype Discretion

Most online messaging software, including many inter-office chat programs, allow others to know when you’re at your computer. Ask yourself: “Is this helping or hindering my productivity at work?”

When you’re working late to catch up, the last thing you need is people interrupting you. Keep your online connectivity private to reduce interruptions and maintain focus.

Who actually remembers to close the programs that reveal their online presence? To keep control, knowingly set your Skype account to login at startup, or disable it, according to your personal preference and frequency of use.

Ensure Skype Security
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