Stop Shoulder Stiffness

Watch this tip or read on.Stop Shoulder Stiffness
Hold your head high to relieve shoulder and neck pain from laptop and smartphone use.


If you use a laptop, your shoulders and neck complain because your head is tipped forward to see the screen. Instead,

  • raise your monitor (with a box or stack of paper) so your eyes look at the top 1/3 of the screen
  • attach an external keyboard and mouse (it’s a minimal cost for your health)
  • get a second monitor (it doubles your screen size AND saves 20 minutes a day, which equals 2 weeks a year)

When you look at your smartphone screen, as you bend your head down, the pressure on your neck is 60 pounds. Instead, put something under your elbow to raise your smartphone closer to eye level.


Sore shoulders and neck will be no more when you…

Hold Your Head High – Do It Now!


Save Time, Live Your Passion!




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Spine Stress Caused by Posture (thanks to Kenneth K. Hansraj, MD, for this research)

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