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Create Contacts Quickly

Instantly create a new contact without typing

1. Find an email of someone you’d like to add to your contacts list (ideally an email with a signature)
2. RIGHT click and drag to the contacts button (bottom left corner)
3. Choose to “copy” in text format
4. From the notes area, drag and drop the information to the appropriate cells
5. Delete the remaining information in the notes area

Drag & Drop Contacts

No more scattered business cards on the desk, or stacks of cards held together by elastic bands and chucked into the top draw; No more typing tedious details to update contact information; No need for a card reader either (although handy, they often misinterpret characters. For e.g., 1 for an I or l). The answer is at your finger tips – literally.

By simply dragging an email from the inbox to the contacts icon (bottom left corner), the name and email address are automatically populated. Now from the notes area, drag and drop the address and phone numbers to the relevant fields. Then delete the remaining information in the notes section.

The drag and drop method eliminates keying errors and you don’t need a business card to input all of the information.

This is an indisputable reason to have all of your information in your email signature. By making it easier for the recipient to catalogue your information, you are more likely to be contacted.

Instantly index your contact information: yet another of the many underutilized capabilities of Outlook. If you’ve been receiving the Turner Tip, you know there are many more ways to optimize Outlook.

Create Contacts Quickly
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