Smart Board to Go

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Need to communicate quickly? Send a photo instead of typing.

When sending a mass email:
1. Write your notes, doodle on a napkin, use a white board
2. Meeting’s over – now just take a picture of the notes/charts with your smart phone
3. Email the picture to yourself or others

Email Info in Photo Format

The meeting is over and the next group needs the board room. But you need the info on the white board. Snap a quick picture and return to your desk. Now you can make notes or forward the shot.

Estimating a job? Take a picture of the estimate form as you leave the potential job and email to admin. They can create the appropriate documents for transmission to the client before you even return to the office.

Use your phone camera to buy a car part. Not sure of the part name or model? Take a picture and email it. They’ll tell you if it’s in stock.

Snap and Send
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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