Should You Update Your Smartphone Software?

Smartphone Software – Should You Update?
YES, if you want new features.
NO, to a version ending with “.0” (e.g., 9.0). Usually “.1” has the bugs worked out.
AND don’t update:
  • just because the phone’s asking you
  • between meetings (as it will be “busy” when you need intel)
  • right before bed (unless you have an hour first thing in the morning to “fix” it)
  • as you’re leaving on a trip (with the boarding passes, hotel info, etc., on your phone)
Remember: Downloading usually resets defaults, so you’ll have to re-customize.  And it can take time to learn the new system.


Client Feedback
“I am ever so grateful for all the tools, tips and strategies you gave me. How long ago was that?  It has made such a tremendous difference to my efficiency and being able to handle the workload. Not sure I could cope without your instruction.”

– Administration, Little Venice in Bermuda