Share What You See, With Screenshots

Share What You See, With Screenshots

Capture an image of your smartphone or computer screen:

• PC: Press the “PrtScn” button, on the top row of the keyboard.
• iPhone: Hold the “lock” button and the “home” button simultaneously. Find the image with your other photos.
• BlackBerry: In the BlackBerry App World, download and install an application called “Screen Muncher” and follow the instructions.

Save or share the image by pasting it in an email, Word document, or nearly any other program.

Screenshots – A Simpler Way To Share

Get tech help without going to the computer shop nor having to explain your technical problems over the phone. Take a screenshot.

Whether you’re collaborating on a project, troubleshooting problems, or showing off your best Angry Birds score, screenshots will save time and communication hassles.

Simply Send A Screenshot
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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