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Are your BlackBerry habits costing you more than you are gaining?

Use speed dial to access frequently called numbers.

How To Set-up Speed Dial:
1. Hold down any key (usually the person’s first initial makes it easy to remember)
2. Follow the instructions

Is your BlackBerry costing you time?

Is it more like an expensive cell phone that happens to contain your (often outdated) calendar and address book?

The BlackBerry is a powerful efficiency tool, capable of boosting your productivity to the next level. But so often it’s misused and abused by inexperienced users who fail to set it up for their needs.

The convenience of on-the-go communications turns to obsessive email checking, duplication of effort, frantic multi-tasking and 24/7 connectedness. Used incorrectly, this powerful, time-saving tool turns into a huge time waster.

Get the most out of your BlackBerry by using it to:

1. Maximize downtime – Take advantage of unexpected gaps in your day to catch-up on critical thinking, check off tasks and schedule upcoming meetings.
2. Know where you’re going – Access your contact list and even GPS to get to your meeting on time.
3. Expedite Meeting Notes – Type notes directly into your BlackBerry, eliminating the need to input from scratch. Simply edit the notes back at the office or send direct from your BlackBerry.

Put a stop to the BlackBerry obsession and start maximizing its features for your benefit. Remember it’s just another tool and like any other office tool, it’s how you use it that matters.

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