Scarce is Sacred

?????????What’s Scarce is Valued

Too much of anything can lose its value, including office items.

1. Look at your office space.
2. How many pens/pencils do you have? How many notebooks?
3. Reduce it to a few pens and 1 note book. Then move all excess items to storage.

The Law of Scarcity

If the number of items are limited in your office space, they’re more valuable. And because they have greater importance, we’re more likely to keep track of them.

Have you ever been on your way to a meeting and couldn’t find your notebook, so you grabbed a new one? Now you have two notebooks on the go and you don’t know where to find the most recent information. So you waste time thumbing through both.

Remove excess items to create a sense of clarity. Truly, less is more!

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