Save Typing, Sort By Columns

Watch this tipor read on.Save Typing By Sorting Columns

Are you sending holiday cards or invites? This little-known secret will save you HOURS!

Switch your Contacts view to Phone format. Now, quickly sort by clicking on a column header.

To edit many cards simultaneously,

  1. Right-click on “Company.”
  2. Choose “Group by.”
  3. Standardize a company name by dragging the incorrect card to the correctly named group.

Another example: If a company changes its location, correct one of the cards, group by business address, and then drag the other cards to the correct address.


Now, editing addresses and sending invites will be much faster!



Client Feedback

“It’s good to learn how to invite lots of people to an event. I had used distribution lists before but hadn’t thought to use them that way.”

– Sales Coordinator, The Fairmont Olympic Hotel



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