Reduce Repeat Writing

Don’t Rewrite Regular Emails

With a couple of key strokes, insert entire paragraphs or complete emails.

Outlook – use Drafts:
1. Locate a typical email in Sent Items
2. Drag it to Drafts folder
3. Choose Forward
4. Remove address & “Subject”
5. Save
6. To Use: copy contents to a new email or right click and drag to Outbox. Input applicable info and send.

BlackBerry – use AutoText:
1. Copy content from a typical email
2. Open a new email
3. Choose Options>AutoText>New
4. Type initials under “Replace” (ie: TY for a thank you email)
5. Paste the copied text. Save
6. To use: in an email, type the initials (ie: TY) and press return key (arrow in lower right).

Reduce Repeat Writing

Most of us write similar emails over and over. Messages such as, “Thank you for the referral”, “Please welcome new staff member”, or “I’d like to introduce you to my colleague . . .” etc.

Save yourself time and ensure grammar and spelling are always accurate by creating stock emails to re-use in the future.

Eliminate Rewriting Emails
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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