Pull The Plug

Martin remembered when typewriters were replaced by computers. So when he was issued a company BlackBerry, he worried that, despite its small size, it would be as big of a headache as his first desktop PC.

He was right about one thing: his BlackBerry had days, like his PC, when it did unexpected things and froze up. Sure enough, this happened as Martin was en route to a meeting, and he needed the address from his BlackBerry.

In frustration, he pulled over and yanked out the BlackBerry’s battery, just like he did with his PC when it acted up. Thankfully the BlackBerry returned to normal when it restarted, and he got the information he needed.

At the office, he explained his plight to the IT guy, and he was surprised to learn that pulling the battery is one of the first steps recommended to overcome BlackBerry issues. In fact, doing so regularly will help to keep your BlackBerry running well.

We’re pleased to report that, besides fumbling with the small keys and squinting at the screen, Martin now finds his BlackBerry just as reliable as his old PC.

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