Procrastination – Assess Yourself

There are many reasons we procrastinate. Ask yourself which of the following best describes why you usually put off a task:

1. Fear – of failure or success
2. Uncertainty – how to start? Hoping the light will come on
3. Disagreement – disagree with some aspect of the task, so just won’t do it
4. Pressure –fear consequences of not doing it and / or creates euphoric feeling
5. Perfection – if it can’t be perfect forget it
6. Change – waiting for change in circumstances—”just wait, there’ll be a new priority!”

Putting Off No More

We all procrastinate. Some do it chronically, some occasionally.

To overcome this internal resistance, understand why you’re reluctant to act. Identify from the list above what’s holding you back.

Once you know why you’re unable or unwilling to take action, identifying a solution and acting is easier.

Some procrastination solutions: break the task into steps; seek help from a colleague; remove distractions; schedule time for the task; let go of unrealistic expectations; call Turner Efficiency Coaching for more ideas.

Overcome Procrastination
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