Prevent “Past Due”

 “Past Due” Prevention

When requesting a response, be sure to stipulate:

1.  Who does what (“I’ll write the draft and you’ll edit it.”)

2.  When it’s due (a SPECIFIC date, like October 31)

3.  How to ensure that this happens (identify a follow-up task)

Process to Prevent “Past Due”

Communicating these 3 steps will ensure that you get what you want when you want it and, if not, that you’ll be prompted to follow up. Once people learn your follow-up requirements, they’ll be more likely to respond on time and more realistic when making promises to you.

Remember that for success, a clear due date is critical. Rather than “the end of the month,” look at a calendar and choose a realistic date (not a non-work day, like Sunday). You may want to go as far as choosing a specific time (e.g.,  5 p.m.) because “end of business day” varies anywhere from shift end to midnight.

Set Specific Due Dates – Do it NOW!
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