Picture Your Passion

Post Your Passion Picture

Having a visible goal will improve your efficiency…

1. Ask yourself:
– If I only had 6 weeks left what would I do?
– What will I absolutely not give up?
– What do I really want in life?
2. What ever the answer, represent it with
– A Photo of You (eg: enjoying a favourite activity)
– A Picture (eg: of where you want to travel)
– An Item (eg: a golf ball)
3. Post It in Your Peripheral Vision.
– Wherever you predominantly face, place the picture or item off to the side or just below. For example, on the bottom or side of your computer monitor so you can see it out of the “corner of your eye” as you work.

Your Passion Helps Increase Your Efficiency

It will remind you of the rewards you will reap. You passion, your dream, your life’s desire is so compelling that you choose it over wasting time.

In 7 years, we’ve worked with thousands of clients from a range of industries and disciplines. Their passions are equally diverse and include:

Traveling to Italy, India, and Istanbul; Playing more golf, skiing, skydiving;
Having children, spending more time with their children;
Writing a book, joining a band, building a house;
Bathing an elephant, hiking in the Himalayas, retiring to the Okanagan.

What’s yours? Whenever you’re sidetracked, ask yourself, “Is this bringing me closer to my passion, or putting it off?”

At Turner Efficiency we live what we teach. So we’re on our way this summer to live our passions. I’ll be waterskiing, Dawn will be doing more yoga, Steve will be resting on the West Coast. . . you get the picture.

As we enjoy our passions and you yours, the Turner Tip will slow down for summer. We’ll be back with bi-weekly tips in the fall.

Post Your Passion…
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