Park The Past

Watch this tipor read on.Park the Past

When driving, which window do you look out of?
Right, the windshield. And you respond as you get to a stoplight or school zone.


Old emails in your inbox are like a huge magnet in your trunk. They keep pulling your attention to the rear, so you’re bound to have an accident.


To focus forward, get rid of that magnet. No, you don’t have to delete all of the emails in your inbox. Instead,

  1. Make a folder called Email Pre-date (e.g., Email Pre-2015).
  2. Now move all emails except those from today from your inbox to that folder. (NOTE: If you have 3,000+, you might like to move groups of 500-1,000.)
  3. Now, with only today’s emails in your inbox, OHIO (Only Handle It Once): tackle, task, toss, or transfer.
  4. Each day, keep clearing your inbox so you stay current; then, each morning, you can face fresh emails without being weighted down by rereading and revisiting old emails.

Now that you’ve formed the OHIO habit with your inbox, clearing out the Email Pre-date folder won’t be so difficult. Many people don’t even bother clearing it out.

Client Feedback“The big thing that is working for me is feeling more in control of what’s going on and having a greater sense of accomplishment at the end of my days. I definitely still have work to do, but I am more conscious of efficiency time traps.”

– Seminar Participant, Advanced Administrative Professionals Forum



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