Open & OHIO: Only Handle It Once

Efficiency Opportunity? OHIO It!

To manage your email, projects, and meetings, OHIO: Only Handle It Once.

   Tackle: Do it now.
   Task: Make it into a task.
   Toss: Delete it.
   Transfer: Give it to the rightful recipient.

  1. Write OHIO and these 4 Ts on a sticky note.
  2. Stick the note on your monitor so you see it as you work.

Open It and OHIO It

Handling things multiple times hinders efficiency.

Have you ever opened your snail mailbox and put the bills back in to pay later? Nooo! So why do this with your electronic inbox?

Just like with your snail mailbox, grab the email, OHIO it, AND don’t leave it in the inbox.

OHIO email. Do it NOW!

Save Time – Live Your Passion!