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Have Outlook open in Calendar

In Outlook, click the following: Tools>Options>Other(top right tab)>Advanced Options>Browse (change setting to Calendar)

Open in Calendar for Clarity

Have you ever arrived at work intending to tackle a tonne and then realize it’s already 10am and you’re still reading emails?

You don’t stand at your front door waiting for the mail to be delivered. Yet this is precisely what you are doing when you open Outlook in Email. When Outlook opens in email you have set yourself up for failure by immediately distracting yourself from your priorities. For maximum efficiency, focus on tasks and meetings and utilize email as a support to these functions.

Set the default to open in Calendar. Each time you open Outlook, you will view your day’s obligations. This is especially vital when running late. You whiz into the office and find out exactly where you need to be and what you need to do.

Outlook is an extremely powerful program. Set the defaults to support, not sabotage your workday.

Open Outlook in Calendar . . .
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