OHIO at Home

This Turner Tip is on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlKCG9BjCgQ&feature=youtu.beSave Time, Save Sanity OHIO (Only Handle It Once): Park Your Paperwork:

Don’t be distracted by the leaning pile of paper. Put the it elsewhere. To remember to do it, post a note saying “The paper’s parked. Remember to deal with it.”

Cook in Quantities:

Double the meals and cut your work in half. You’ll have to get groceries, prepare the food and clean up the kitchen; don’t do it twice. Instead, cook once and freeze half. Maybe even make the meals a bit bigger so there are leftovers for lunches.

Glance, Grab & Go:

When walking out of a room, glance around, grab something that belongs somewhere else and go. This ongoing clutter control keeps things cleaner and reduces the need to have duplicates.

OHIO at Home – Do it NOW!
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

Feedback“Yes! Love, LOVE, LOOOVE! These points sold me on listening:

  • why you should never host another dinner party
  • advice on how to tackle taxes
  • how to handle social media with teenagers
  • how to glance, grab and go and keep clutter to a minimum

To listen, start at 12:20 min of this podcast.

-Social Media Specialist / Nutrition Expert

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