Apply OHIO & the 4 T’s

To manage your workload, email, projects and meetings:

1. Get a sticky note (or a piece of paper and tape)
2. Write on the paper:
Only Handle It Once
– Tackle It
– Task It
– Toss It
– Transfer It
3. Stick the note to your computer monitor
4. Apply OHIO to EVERYTHING you do

Lighten the Load

The major obstacle hindering efficiency is handling things multiple times. Have you ever retrieved mail from your mailbox, opened it, looked it over, and left it in a heap? You might as well tape it shut and put it back through the mail slot to reopen tomorrow. Either open it and handle it or leave it alone.

Tackle It: read it, reply to sender and delete the email or
Task It: drag it to the task icon on the lower left of Outlook and designate a time to handle it or
Toss It: read some, none or all of it and delete it or
Transfer It: forward it to the rightful recipient (use this sparingly).

Only Handle It Once applies to anything and everything: email, papers, phone calls, meetings. Apply OHIO to everything that crosses your desk and eliminate repeat work.

If you feel smothered by emails, you’re not alone. The record we’ve seen is an overwhelming 38,000 emails in one inbox. Don’t wait to be bombarded with IT overload warnings. Starting now, rigorously use OHIO.

Lighten your load and…
Accomplish more in less time

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