Need to Read Your Email Faster?

Watch this tip or read on.Need to Read Your Email Faster? Use One-Liners.One-liners are quicker for our eyes to process as we’ve been taught to read from left to right on one line.

Whether your reading pane is below or to the side, make sure the content is all on one line. If it’s not, do the following in Outlook:

  1. Ensure that you’re in the inbox with View>Reading Pane>Bottom as your default setting.
  2. Hover over the vertical line to the right (see yellow line in the picture).
  3. Slide the double-headed arrow right, until the information is all on one line (see green line in the picture).
  4. This may squish the reading pane; if so, make more space by removing unnecessary columns by dragging the icon off the screen.

With the summary information on one line, you’ll save time.

 Client Feedback“WOW, get out, you’re kidding, that’s sick! If I had known that tip, it would have made my life a lot easier a long time ago. Thanks for all of your help. Please send me an invoice.” 

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