Want to Save Money, Time and Energy?

Want to Save…

  • money (less impulse buying)?
  • time (searching for stuff)?
  • energy (recalling information)?

Sort your space!

“If an individual creates a messy environment, their surroundings will be more mentally depleting and lead to an even lower sense of personal control.”

Journal of Consumer Research

To sort your space:

  1. Start small. Do what’s doable (e.g., a counter, drawer, room or car). We helped a client sort her purse because we only had an hour and her office was an eight-hour affair.
  2. Keep going. As one space gets sorted, work on others. And if you’re discouraged, check out your completed space for motivation.
  3. Get help. Sometimes the lifting, endurance and decision making become too much. Having someone there to help can make all the difference.

If you don’t think your space affects you, consider this: People in the cluttered room were more likely to purchase and performed worse when answering computer questions.

 (Journal of Consumer Research article)





Client Feedback

“A 5/5. Definitely the autocorrect is amazing, and quick parts have been so helpful. I’m saving time, and things are moving faster!”

– Sr. Catering Manager, Fairmont Vancouver Airport


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