More Talk Time Less Travel Time


More Talk Time, Less Travel Time

Why waste time commuting? Instead, convert that time into conversing.

If you know a person well enough to conduct your meeting with a phone call or video conference, do so.  

Conference Call, Don’t Commute

Save your commuting time for those meetings when you must be face to face (e.g., an initial meeting, a proposal/presentation).

It’s automatic to agree to a meeting in person. Before accepting an in-person invitation, suggest that conversing by phone call or video conference would be equally as effective and more efficient for both parties.

Conference Call Instead of Commuting.  Do It NOW!

Save Time – Live Your Passion!



Did You Know?

“The happiest cities in the world happen to have the highest rates of cycling.”

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When to Use Web Conferencing

Client Feedback:

“Thanks for showing me the BB shortcuts. Now I can quickly get to the bottom of my email list in my BlackBerry without having to scroll the heck out of my thumb.”   

– EH&S Team Lead, Suncor